Test article

In 2007, we developed a spoon for the slow-speed trolling. We already had great rowing-spoon baits, such as models 3 and 5. We modified these to work better with motor trolling at slower speeds of 3 ? 4.5 kilometres per hour. This gave us new spoon baits for both Salmon and Trout, which worked very well at speeds suitable for bait holders. Our testers Ilkka Kukkonen and Hannu Huttunen managed to catch a 4,2kg and a 5,2kg Trout from Lake Oulujärvi in 2008 by using the colour of glittering-black-silver 3.

The little brother of Tiura’s wobbler ‘Kojomo’ was developed in 2007 and was aptly named ‘Kojomo Junior’. Timo Laiti did the first tests and caught one 16,5kg fish and several 10-kilo fish. The ‘Kojamo Junior’ was developed for a particular situation where the water quantity in rivers starts to diminish, and wobblers get smaller.

The 11cm length of ‘Ukkotiura’-wobbler was developed to catch Zanders and Pike in 2008. Among the expert consultants were Jari Kostamo and Mika Ristiharju. The wobblers worked great and we nearly won the first day in Hauki-EM 2009, with a catch of 90kg, but were unfortunately too late for fish weighing and were disqualified.